Study Suggests Future Sleep Breathing Issues For College Football Players

A new UNC Charlotte study with college-age football linemen suggests that the roots of a sleep breathing health problem in football players may begin early and points to the need to fully assess the potential consequences of college training, particularly for linemen who quit conditioning after college.

Research Suggests Pro Athletes’ Actions Signal Social Protest Change

The acts of professional athletes who have "taken a knee" during the playing of the national anthem during sport events reflect something more than a momentary message was being sent by the players, research by Dan Grano suggests. Grano, an associate professor in communication studies who researches public advocacy and sports communication and culture, says, “It’s a different moment in the history of sport."

College Authors, Editors Publish 42 Books In 2017

Faculty authors in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at UNC Charlotte in 2017 edited and published 42 books that were diverse in topic ranging from language and culture studies to physics and optical science. Texts also included topics such as public relations, history, religious studies, and African American studies. The books included textbooks, research publications, novels, and other forms.

Student Film Helps Couples Dealing With Infertility

For couples seeking to overcome infertility, the process can prove emotionally and financially daunting. At the same time, those who care about them can struggle to know how to show support. A new documentary created by graduate students in a visual ethnography class in UNC Charlotte’s Department of Communication Studies offers insights to the couples and their loved ones.

Study Shows What Dads Do While Moms Do Housework, Child Care

For the first time, researchers have evidence of exactly what dads are doing while moms are taking care of housework or tending to their child. A study by Jill Yavorsky, assistant professor of sociology at UNC Charlotte, and colleagues at The Ohio State University, found men were most often relaxing while women did housework or child care.

Students' Research Contributes to Historic Schoolhouse Preservation Project

UNC Charlotte students in Karen Cox’s public history class learned about the magnitude of a historic schoolhouse’s place in history and its value to the local community. Through their hands-on research about the school, built in the early 1900s to educate African-American children, they are contributing to the planning process for the building’s potential preservation.

Researcher Offers Insights As Legislation Considers Town Charter Schools

UNC Charlotte researcher Roslyn Mickelson is providing context for a debate about legislation to allow towns near Charlotte to create charter schools. She is drawing from her decades' long research into segregation and re-segregation of schools and commenting in local and national media accounts.

Organizational Science Professor Wins International Humboldt Award

UNC Charlotte’s Steven Rogelberg is a pioneering researcher in the field of organizational science. In acknowledgement of his profound, international impact on the discipline, Germany’s Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has named him a recipient of its prestigious research award.

Helping Hand: With Hands-on Research, Students Use 3D Printers To Change Lives

The Helping Hand Project is a student-led and faculty-backed nonprofit organization that uses 3D printers to create recreational prosthetics for children, at no cost. These forward-thinking students are using their innovative, collaborative minds and the equipment in UNC Charlotte's Makerspace to create the life-changing devices.

Students Study Coral Reefs As Part of Undergraduate Research

The health of the world’s coral reefs garners much media attention, especially related to bleaching and global warming and concerns about chemicals, such as sunscreens and other toxic elements, that could be causing damage to these fragile ecosystems. Two undergraduate students this summer worked with mentor Amy Ringwood, UNC Charlotte associate professor of biology, to research coral restoration and conservation issues.
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