Students Study Coral Reefs As Part of Undergraduate Research

The health of the world’s coral reefs garners much media attention, especially related to bleaching and global warming and concerns about chemicals, such as sunscreens and other toxic elements, that could be causing damage to these fragile ecosystems. Two undergraduate students this summer worked with mentor Amy Ringwood, UNC Charlotte associate professor of biology, to research coral restoration and conservation issues.

Research Illuminates How Trauma Can Lead to Growth

Professor Richard Tedeschi and fellow researcher Lawrence Calhoun, UNC Charlotte emeritus professor in psychology, years ago coined the phrase “posttraumatic growth” to describe what they have witnessed – that some people will grow and change in new ways after they undergo trauma. Their work has continued to grow and evolve, as they find new avenues of research, gain new collaborators, mentor new students and influence authors of popular press books and researchers.

Mathematician Studies Dynamical Systems to Find Practical Solutions

Mathematical equations cycle through Kevin McGoff’s mind, as he pedals his bike on the system of greenways in north Charlotte. The UNC Charlotte mathematician’s thoughts shift into gear, centered on problems associated with his field of study – dynamical systems. Dynamical systems serve as important mathematical models for a wide array of physical phenomena, relating to things such as weather modeling, systems biology, the spread of disease, and statistical physics, for example.

Author Explores Concept of ‘Lostness’ in Southern Literature

In her book, "Thomas Wolfe and Lost Children in Southern Literature," scholar Paula Gallant Eckard calls upon Thomas Wolfe’s evocative and autobiographical novella "The Lost Boy" as a touchstone for her analysis of a group of contemporary southern novels. She draws upon her writing and research to enliven learning for her students.

CLAS Undergraduates Win Honors at Summer Research Symposium

More than 100 undergraduate students competed in the 2017 Summer Research Symposium, with three College of Liberal Arts & Sciences students named the winners. "These are the agile minds that will advance understanding in many areas that affect our lives," distinguished researcher Pinku Mukherjee said of the participants in the university's research programs.

Consuming Identity: Research Finds Role of Food in Redefining the South

On a journey through the restaurants and kitchens of the South, the linkage between food and identity came clear to Ashli Quesinberry Stokes, a communication studies associate professor and director of the Center for the Study of the New South. She and her colleague, Wendy Atkins-Sayre, faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi, have co-authored a compelling book that details their findings.

As "Earth Detective," Tang Addresses Societal Programs Through Spatial Research

Call him an earth sleuth. Wenwu Tang, assistant professor in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, scoops up information from a targeted locale and analyzes it for clues to address any number of societal problems with a spatial component. With his research, Tang looks at land use, land cover change, how traffic patterns may influence transportation, how pedestrians or animals may move in an area or even how disease may spread.

Observatory Director Brings Historic Solar Eclipse Into Focus

By now you’ve probably heard that a total solar eclipse is coming to North American skies on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, and the Carolinas have a front row seat. UNC Charlotte Observatory director and astrophysicist Catherine Qualtrough of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences shares the basics of this historic event.

Organizational Science Summer Institute Brings Graduate Studies Into Reach

Undergraduate students from around the nation who may have thought graduate school was out of their reach found out in a one-week summer institute at UNC Charlotte that it is within their grasp. UNC Charlotte’s Organizational Science Summer Institute. The institute seeks to diversify the field of organizational science through professional development, specifically targeting historically underrepresented undergraduate students.

Researcher's Film On Arts Healing Power Earns Emmy® Nomination

For a film that illustrates how the arts can promote healing in healthcare settings, UNC Charlotte researcher Margaret M. Quinlan and colleagues Lynn Harter and Evan Shaw have earned a regional Emmy® nomination from the Ohio Valley Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
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