Truman Inducted as Cell Stress Society International Fellow

Cell Stress Society International has inducted UNC Charlotte Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Andrew Truman as a Fellow. Truman’s cancer research uses quantitative proteomics, molecular biology, systems biology and model organisms to understand the role of molecular chaperones in cancer.

Researchers Study How Animal Societies Make Decisions, Resolve Conflict

As people react to the 2020 U.S. presidential election results, we have turned to the animal kingdom to see how animal societies make decisions and resolve conflict. We asked CLAS researchers to consider what we can learn from animal societies. Alan Rauch, an English professor, earned degrees in zoology and literature, and he studies and writes about dolphins. Stanley Schneider, a biologist, studies honey bees and their hive behavior. Anthropologist Lydia Light researches gibbons and other primates.

Researchers Propose Test Method to Standardize Immunological Evaluation of Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles

Researchers have proposed a test method to standardize a key immunological evaluation of nucleic acid nanoparticles, detailed in their paper in "Nature Protocols." They believe a accurate, affordable and easily reproduced protocol for assessing immune effects could further research collaboration and advance the therapeutic use of new medicines.

Physics and Optical Science Professors Named OSA Fellows For Distinguished Contributions To The Field

UNC Charlotte Physics and Optical Science professors Gregory Gbur and Thomas Suleski are named 2021 Fellows by the Optical Society Board of Directors. OSA Fellows are recognized for advancing the fields of optics and photonics through distinguished contributions to education, research, engineering, business and society.

Research Focuses On Policy Data Hub To Give Citizens Better Tools

A multi-discipline, multi-university project housed at UNC Charlotte and led by political scientist Jason Windett seeks to develop an easy-to-search hub of vast amounts of data on life-affecting issues, complete with analytical tools for easy visualization of the data.

UNC Charlotte Interdisciplinary Study Reveals Widespread Issues With Authorship Policies

Despite the critical nature of authorship to researchers, their institutions and the public, just 24% of U.S. doctoral-granting universities with very high or high research activity have published institutional authorship policies, UNC Charlotte researchers Lisa Rasmussen and George Banks and their colleagues have discovered.

UNC Charlotte Researcher Celebrates, Studies Spiders And Their Sticky Webs

Spiders and their sticky webs can seem scary, but for UNC Charlotte spider researcher Dr. Sarah Stellwagen, they’re also a source for scientific discovery. Her research centers on spider glues, gene discovery, and sequencing technologies.

Optical Science and Engineering Doctoral Student Named Winner In North American Optical Design Competition

Optical Science and Engineering doctoral student Shohreh Shadalou is one of five award winners in Synopsys’ 2020 Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Optical Design Competition. Shadalou competed against graduate and undergraduate students from across North America.

STEM Mentoring Program Receives $3M In New Funding

A mentoring program co-led by UNC Charlotte researcher Sandra Clinton that aims to retain undergraduate women in the geosciences is on the shortlist for the international Nature Research Awards for Inspiring and Innovating Science. The program also has received almost $3 million in new NSF funding.

City Birds: Study Shows Impact Of Urbanization On Our Feathered Friends

As pandemic restrictions begin to lift and cities start to bustle, we take a closer look at UNC Charlotte research into urban intensification and its impact on forest birds. This study by UNC Charlotte landscape ecologist Sara Gagné with two alumni and a colleague suggests ways to help forest birds in cities.