In the News

Julia Robinson, Faculty. Religious Studies. January 04, 2017. Bristol Herald Courier. "Professor of African-American Religion to Speak at Bristol Public Library and King University".

Ryan Graham, Alumnus. Communication Studies. January 03, 2017. Market Wired. "CD2 Learning Hires Ryan Graham".

Karen L. Cox, Professor. History. January 03, 2017. The Public Morality Radio Show. "Discussing “What’s the Matter with North Carolina?”".

Tanure Ojaide, Faculty. Africana Studies. January 01, 2017. The Guardian. "It is an exhilarating experience to be recognised by your country, says Tanure Ojaide".

Brittany Stone, Alumna. English. December 20, 2016. Charlotte Agenda. "I really hope U-City doesn’t turn into South End".

Erin Barbee, Alumna. Sociology and Gerontology. December 20, 2016. Jewish Times. "Director Stabilizes, Strengthens Berman Commons".

Karen L. Cox, Professor of History. History. December 20, 2016. Michael Smerconish radio program--Sirius XM. "How North Carolina Lost Its Cool".

Karen L. Cox, Professor of History. History. December 19, 2016. New York Times. "What’s the Matter With North Carolina?".

Roslyn Mickelson, Faculty. Sociology. December 17, 2016. The Charlotte Observer. "Commitment and controversy: New CMS chief’s past offers fodder for fans and critics".

Gregory Weeks, Faculty. Political Science and Public Administration. December 17, 2016. Miami Herald. "Reversing Cuba policy seen as a punch in the gut to Latin America".

Bishop Staccato Powell, Alumnus. Political Science and Public Administration. December 15, 2016. Salisbury Post. "Powell keynote speaker at Livingstone’s Winter Commencement Friday".

Tom Barth, Faculty. Master of Public Administration program. December 15, 2016. The Charlotte Observer. "Three lessons learned on community-police relations".

Molly Redmond, Faculty. Biological Sciences. December 14, 2016. Earth & Space Science News. "Soil Bacteria Could Help Absorb Natural Gas Leaks".

Steven G. Rogelberg, Faculty. Organizational Science. December 12, 2016. Monitor on Psychology. "Stop Wasting Time: Keys to Great Meetings".

Enrica Ruggs, Faculty. Psychology. December 10, 2016. AsiaOne blog. "Fat people earn less and have a harder time finding work".

Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun, Faculty. Psychological Science. December 06, 2016. The Atlantic. "The Post-Traumatic Psychology of Disaster Survivors".

Martin Harris, Faculty. American Studies. December 06, 2016. Poker News. "Poker & Pop Culture: Poker in the Trenches During WWI".

Anita Blanchard, Faculty. Psychological Science. December 06, 2016. Time Warner Cable News. "Dangers of Fake News in the Spotlight after D.C. Gun Scare".

Brian Magi, faculty. Geography and Earth Sciences. December 06, 2016. Scientific American and social media. "An Open Letter from Scientists to President-Elect Trump on Climate Change".

Richard Tedeschi, Faculty. Psychology. December 04, 2016. The Washington Post. "Finding a way through PTSD that doesn’t rely on drugs".

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