Sustainable Gardening

When October 11, 2018, 1:00 PM
Where McMillan Greenhouse, UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
Speaker(s) Don Boekelheide
Registration Details & Deadlines
Cost $25 for members / $30 for non-members
Who is Invited General Public
Parking Details

UNC Charlotte provides six free parking spaces across from the McMillan Greenhouse for gardens, greenhouse, and parking services visitors. You may park in one of these spaces Monday – Friday if you obtain a temporary parking permit from the Parking and Transportation Services (PATS). These spaces are located in the PATS office parking lot.

The PATS Office will give you a free 4-hour, hang-tag permit for your rear-view mirror. The PATS Office is conveniently located across the street from the McMillan Greenhouse.
There are also five new spaces located directly outside the greenhouse in the handicapped lot. Please only park in the spots reserved for the greenhouse. All other spots require a permit.
If the visitor spaces are full on weekdays, additional visitor parking is located East Deck 1 and the Union Deck. Find these decks on the campus parking map. Both decks are a six-minute walk from the McMillan Greenhouse with parking fees of $5 for the first hour and $2 each additional hour.

What is sustainable gardening? Nature succeeded brilliantly in creating an enduring tapestry of life (at least she did until modern humans showed up...) What can gardeners learn from natural plant communities and ecology? Are there things we can do - and should do - in our gardens that are more harmonious with the natural communities of plants, songbirds and wildlife of where we live?

Don will share ideas and techniques you can adapt in your own garden to increase sustainability without losing beauty and liveability. Composting, soil stewardship, wise watering, food gardening (for both people and critters), creating habitat, eco-scaping, and garden design with native plants all are part of this new garden path.This fun and stimulating class will help you decide on the best ways to seek sustainability and stewardship creatively in your own garden, no matter what the size.


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