Advanced Botany

When March 30, 2019, 9:00 AM - March 31, 2019, 4:00 PM
Where McMillan Greenhouse, UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
Speaker(s) Larry Mellichamp, PhD, director emeritus, UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
Registration Details & Deadlines
Cost $100
Who is Invited General Public
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Advanced Basic Botany is an in depth continuation of the Basic Botany class . It covers various practical aspects of the four life-stages of plants: Sexual and asexual reproduction, dispersal of fruits and seeds, establishment of seedlings, and maintenance of adult plants. We will learn how plants adjust their floral structures and behavior to be most effective at cross pollination. We will look at how different flower types relate to specific pollinators.We also will explore the fascinating aspects of dispersal--how timing, color change and rewards of ripening fruits help attract different animals. Understanding the germination of seeds will help explain the distribution of plants across the landscape and make it easier for students to have success when starting plants from seed. Maintenance involves insight into plant behavior and how plants adjust to environmental changes and protect themselves against herbivores. We will examine flowers, analyze seeds and observe specific plants. To prepare for class: watch the on-line video documentary “What Plants Talk About.” Bring your specific questions.