College Authors, Editors Publish 42 Books In 2017

Faculty authors in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at UNC Charlotte in 2017 edited and published 42 books that were diverse in topic ranging from language and culture studies to physics and optical science. Texts also included topics such as public relations, history, religious studies, and African American studies. The books included textbooks, research publications, novels, and other forms.

Books that faculty wrote or edited included:

  • At Home, Away From Home: A Memoir by Tanure Ojaide. Cissus World Press
  • For the Women in Their Lives: An Anthology of American Male Poets, edited by Tanure Ojaide and Dike Okoro. Cissus World Press
  • Literature and Culture in Global Africa by Tanure Ojaide. Routledge
  • From Slaveships to Scholarships: The Plight of the African-American Athlete by Charles Pinckey. Author House
  • Contemporary African American Families: Achievements, Challenges, Empowerment Strategies in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Dorothy Smith-Ruiz, Sherri Lawson Clark and Marcia J. Watson. Routledge
  • The Bioarchaeology of Community, edited by Sara L. Juengst and Sara K. Becker. American Anthropological Association
  • Is Science Racist? Debating Race by Jonathan Marks. Polity Press
  • Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Invertebrate Larvae, edited by Tyler J. Carrier, Adam M. Reizel and Andreas Heyland. Oxford University Press
  • Engineering 3D Tissue Test Systems, edited by Karen J. L. Burg, Didier Dréau and Timothy Burg. CRC Press
  • Workbook to Accompany Straight Talk About Communication Research Methods by Christine S. Davis, Brandy J. Stamper, and Sayde J. Brais. Kendall Hunt
  • The Eternal Present of Sport: Rethinking Sport and Religion by Daniel A. Grano. Temple University Press
  • Applied Small Group Communication: Learning Through Experience by Sandy Herrod Hanson. Kendall Hunt
  • Transparency, Public Relations, and the Mass Media: Combating the Hidden Influences in News Coverage Worldwide by Katerina Tsertsura and Dean Kruckeberg. Routledge Focus
  • The Love of Baseball: Essays by Lifelong Fans, edited by Chris Arvidson and Diana Nelson Jones. McFarland & Company
  • Sycamore: A Novel by Bryn Chancellor. Harper Collins
  • Freedom Narratives of African American Women: A Study of 19th Century Writings by Janaka Bowman Lewis. McFarland & Company
  • The Ada Decades by Paula Martinac. Bywater Books
  • Edward II: A Critical Reader, edited by Kirk Melnikoff. Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare and Ecofeminist Theory by Rebecca Laroche and Jennifer Munroe. Bloomsbury Arden Shakespeare
  • A Curious Peril: H.D.’s Late Modernist Prose by Lara Vetter. University Press of Florida
  • GeoComputational Analysis and Modeling of Regional Systems, edited by Jean-Claude
  • Thill and Suzana Dragicevic. Springer International Publishing
  • Information Fusion and Intelligent Geographic
  • Information Systems (IF&IGIS’17): New Frontiers in Information Fusion and Intelligent GIS: From Maritime to Land-based Research, edited by Vasily Popovich, Manfred Schrenk, Jean-Claude Thill, Christophe Claramunt, and Tianzhen Wang. Springer International Publishing
  • Spatial Analysis and Location Modeling in Urban and Regional Systems, edited by Jean-Claude Thill. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
  • Feminist Translation Studies: Local and Transnational Perspectives, edited by Olga Castro and Emek Ergun. Routledge
  • Goat Castle: A True Story of Murder, Race, and the Gothic South by Karen L. Cox. University of North Carolina Press
  • The Gifted Generation: When Government was Good by David Goldfield. Bloomsbury
  • Chromatius of Aquileia and the Making of a Christian City by Robert McEachnie. Routledge
  • The Touch of Civilization: Comparing American and Russian Internal Colonization by Steven Sabol. University Press of Colorado
  • Soviet Historiography and the Questions of the History in Kazakhstan: A Retrospective of the life and work of Ermukhan Bekmakhanov, edited by Abdulvahap Kara, Steven Sabol, and Bekir Sadik Topaloglu. Union of Turkic World Municipalities
  • Le Cinéma Français Contemporain: Manuel de Classe by Alan Singerman and Michèle Bissière. Foucs
  • Máximo Castillo and the Mexican Revolution, edited by Jesús Vargas Valdés, Translated by Ana-Isabel Aliaga- Buchenau. Louisiana State University Press
  • Quantitative Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies by Christopher D. Mellinger and Thomas A. Hanson. Routledge
  • German Culture through Film: An Introduction of German Cinema by Robert Reimer, Reinhard Zachau, with contributions by Margit Sinka. Focus
  • Access & Equity: Promoting High Quality Mathematics, edited by Anthony Fernandes, Sandra Crespo, and Marta Civil. Teachers of Mathematics
  • American Mathematical Contests: A Guide to Success by Harold B. Reiter and Jonathan M. Kane. World Publishing Corporation
  • Infrared Antennas and Resonant Structures by Javier Alda and Glenn Boreman. SPIE Press
  • Gambling and War: Risk, Reward, and Chance in International Conflict by Justin Conrad. Naval Institute Press
  • American Cities and the Politics of Party Conventions by Eric S. Heberlig , Suzanne M. Leland, and David Swindell. SUNY Press.
  • Cost Accounting in Government: Theory and Applications, edited by Zachary Mohr. Routledge
  • Combative Politics: The Media and Public Perceptions of Lawmaking by Mary Layton Atkinson. University of Chicago Press
  • Religion: Embodied Religion, edited by Kent L. Brintnall. Macmillan Reference, USA
  • Sexual Disorientations: Queer Temporalities, Affects and Theologies, edited by Kent L. Brintnall, Joseph A. Marchal, and Stephen D. Moore. Fordham University Press
  • A Call to China by Jeffrey Meyer. Ingram Elliot

Words compiled by Brittany Algiere | Image: Lynn Roberson

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