CLAS Researchers Named Among World’s Top 2%

Eighteen researchers in UNC Charlotte’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) are among the top 2% percent of the world’s most cited researchers, detailed in a Stanford University study.

In all, 41 researchers affiliated with UNC Charlotte are ranked. CLAS researchers from five academic departments represent almost 45 percent of the UNC Charlotte researchers on the list.

“Having so many faculty members on this list is one marker of the influence and impact that the researchers in CLAS and across UNC Charlotte are having around the world,” said CLAS Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education Pinku Mukherjee. “Being included in this list is a sign of the respect that other researchers have for the work of our faculty, as they draw upon that research and cite it. We are proud of the outstanding researchers and educators who belong to UNC Charlotte and the CLAS academic community.”

The study, which was published in the prestigious PLOS Biology Journal, started with almost eight million scientists. The researchers created a database of 100,000 top scientists from around the world in 22 fields whose research was cited from 1965-2019. Based on a series of metrics, including the career-long citation impact of their published research, the study is among the most comprehensive global faculty-evaluation resources ever produced.

CLAS researchers included on the list are: